Our People

KMA's staff brings to the table years of experience in municipal and economic development financing, led by co-founder and President Phil McKenna. Because of our industry experience, KMA "knows the market" and the players in the market, allowing us to better serve our clients and protect their interests.


Charles L. Durham

Executive Vice President

Mary L. Thompson

Senior Vice President/Chief Finanical Officer

Iryna Dziuk

Vice President

Lowell Durham

Assistant Vice President


KMA is staffed by 9 professionals with more than 150 years of experience in disciplines such as investment banking, public finance, community and economic development, and municipal securities. As financial advisors, we have helped our municipal clients issue over $1 billion in bonds over the last three decades. Additionally, the firm has assisted more than 100 municipalities and 100 corporations and developers. Our understanding of both private and public sector perspectives allows us to act as a strong liaison between these two types of entities. Accomplishing a viable partnership between private and for-profit entities is one of the most important goals of any plan we develop.


KMA does not try to "be all things to all people." Rather, we focus on municipal financing and economic development projects for municipalities, developers and other stakeholders. Our work is concentrated in Illinois, allowing us to get to know individual communities better than national consulting firms that serve a disparate customer base. By taking a focused approach, we are able to both build experience and better serve our clientele.