Our Services


In serving our clients, I’m especially proud that we have maintained long-term relationships. These relationships extend beyond a one-time development project or a single bond issue: even when there is no
transaction in the pipeline, we continue to act as a sounding board and expert
resource for our clients. We keep earning our clients’ trust by being sensitive to their long-term needs, by being flexible in the services and tools we utilize, and by being realistic in the forecasts and analysis we provide our clients.

Philip R. McKenna

KMA provides a portfolio of services that fall into two categories: Local Economic Development and Public Finance. Public finance services are delivered through Kane, McKenna Capital, Inc. (KMC), a subsidiary of Kane, McKenna and Associates, Inc.

Economic Development

KMA specializes in assisting municipal and county governments on economic development projects, from formulating strategy to executing a plan. In the government sector, the need for consensus-building and transparency often requires that KMA assist local governments in assessing the potential impact of projects before they are formally proposed, using fiscal impact studies, preliminary TIF assessments and analysis of economic development tools available to policy makers.  We help by delivering the tools for policy makers to gauge public acceptance and build community consensus, gain early “buy-in”. Specific services we provide are as follows:

Economic Development Strategy

  • Fiscal impact studies
  • Evaluation of Tax Increment Finance (TIF) versus other economic development strategies (Business Districts, tax abatement, Industrial Job Recovery Laws)
  • Preliminary TIF eligibility reports
  • Preparation of grant and incentive package applications
  • Local incentive policies (governing use of TIF and other financing tools)

Economic Development Plan Implementation

  • Formal TIF eligibility reports
  • TIF Redevelopment Plans
  • Housing impact studies
  • Capital improvement program (CIP) consulting
  • Revenue forecasting (by project, by TIF District or by community as a whole)
  • Cost/benefit analysis of redevelopment proposals
  • Due diligence assessment of developer proposals
  • Parcel-by-parcel TIF assessment, including “underwater” TIF analyses
  • Assistance in TIF ordinance drafting
  • Annual TIF reporting (statutory reporting to the state)
  • Business District (BD) creation
  • Intergovernmental agreements
  • Developer consulting

Public Finance

Kane, McKenna Capital, Inc. has a seasoned team of professionals that assist various types of governments in the issuance of bonds and other financing vehicles.  Kane, McKenna Capital, Inc. is a municipal financial advisor registered with the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board.  Services provided include:

  • Feasibility reports Plans of finance
  • Refunding cost/benefit analysis
  • Financial advisory (FA) assistance on revenue bonds
  • FA assistance on general obligation bonds
  • FA assistance on private placements
  • Production of disclosure documents and official statements
  • Post-issuance compliance and “material event” disclosures.
Because KMA provides such a broad range of service offerings, we can "mix and match" services to help clients meet specific goals. KMA serves clients working on narrowly-scoped projects meeting a one-time need, or "cradle to grave" projects from conception to execution to financing and ongoing compliance.